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Dear Yuletide Writer: 2015

Hello stranger! Happy Yuletide!

Let’s start things off …

I ship a lot of ships. (Lately my motto’s been “ship all the ships” for most of my fandoms. I can see the potential in almost any ship.) M/M, F/F, F/M, threesomes, moresomes, gen … it’s all good to me. I'm comfortable with a lot of kinks. And I LOVE getting smut as a gift. But I am completely fine with gen if you're not comfortable writing smutty stuff! Don’t worry!
A commitment to the universe and a faithfulness to the characters is what's most important to me.

My LJ activity is ... incredibly sporadic. I honestly don’t use LJ that much, maybe a few times a month to keep up with certain friends.
My most recent fics are posted here on AO3, and most of what I’m reading is bookmarked there too.
I'm on tumblr. My updates are random and about many things, but if you wanna get a better sense of who I am and what I’m watching, that’s the place to do it. I try to tag my best, the shows and movies I’m watching this season are listed under the Fall List 2015 tag. Stuff I watched this summer is listed under the Summer List 2015 tag. Sexy stuff I like to look at is usually listed under the When Ya’ll Learn Way Too Much About My Kinks tag.
And here I am on twitter.

Squicks/Stuff For You To Avoid: watersports, scat, medical play, eye torture, gaslighting, major character death, major character illness, adultery/cheating, parent/child incest, fridging female characters, demonizing female characters for "getting in the way" of a m/m pairing, Rape As Drama - (I am fine with non-con in a fic so long as it's handled responsibly, not as a clumsy excuse for hurt/comfort later or 'first it was rape then they liked it’), A/B/O verse (I’m fine with it sometimes but only in very specific ways, so probably best to just avoid it for Yuletide).

Stuff I Like/Stuff I Love/Stuff I’d Enjoy Seeing: BDSM, knifeplay, gunkink, threesomes, femdom, FoeYay, Christmas fluff, domestic fluff/curtain fic, kink negotiation, bandaging someone’s battle wounds, asexual headcanons, polyamory, couple locked in a room, first time, aftercare, role reversal AU, character exploration*
* You don’t need to include all or even any of these, just listing some things I like so you get a better sense of me.

Here is my Yuleporn letter/prompts, if you are up for writing any kink or smut: http://yuletide.livejournal.com/1241284.html?thread=21089732#t21089732


Ok, so now onto me talking about the fandoms I’ve requested. Just the fact that you are writing at all for any of these will make me SUPER happy, so don’t worry about trying to follow any prompts I leave or adhering to them. These are just some ideas to get your creativity going, and a way to show you my tastes:


First off: OMG YOU HAVE SEEN THIS SHOW YAY. Small fandom is SMALL. After Yuletide please do follow me on tumblr so we can talk about this show and scheme to get it brought back, maybe picked up by Netflix or something, because my gods does it need more seasons.

Secondly, I nominated this show so I really care about it, a lot. If you write anything at all for this I will be over the moon. Here is my promotion post on the member comm where I talk about why I love the show: http://yuletide.livejournal.com/1235137.html?thread=20241601#t20241601

There’s a lot to work with here, depending on what you like to write. Here’s some ideas (again, you don’t need to take these if you don’t like them, just some potential starting off points) :

1) Detailed character exploration of one or some or all of the characters I requested. Their life prior to the show, during the show, after the show, whatever you like.

2) Your take on what happened after the end. Theories, possible ideas for what’s going on with that show, anything that strikes your fancy.

3) Daniel and Irene, a rare private moment of intimacy on such a crowded show.

4) Sabina and Daniel in the woods, trying to find answers.

5) Cuddlepile for warmth, anyone or everyone.

6) Sam and Sabina feeling protective of Daniel and Irene in parental ways.

The Guest

I nominated this movie, so super brownie points to you if you’re writing it.

This movie was an incredibly pleasant surprise for me. I loved everything about it, especially the performances and the score. All the homages to classic horror were delightful. From the very end of the film I knew instantly I wanted to watch it again.

There’s a lot to work with here, depending on what you like to write. Here’s some ideas (again, you don’t need to take these if you don’t like them, just some potential starting off points) :

1) David’s programming reboots: he now thinks protecting Anna and Luke is his New Mission.

2) Years after the tragedy in their town, Anna and Luke start to notice David lurking at the edge of their lives. Why is he there, and what is he going to do?

3) SMUT PROMPT: a few years after the end of the film, Luke jerks off while thinking about David.

4) David captures Luke and Anna, Anna offers to go with him if David promises to leave Luke alone. David agrees. What happens next?

5) ALTERNATE UNIVERSE PROMPT: David is who he claims to be, a veteran who knew Anna and Luke’s older brother in the service. No murders, no government agency after him. David ends up staying a day, a week, a month, and then moving into the family home.

6) ROLE REVERSAL PROMPT: Anna was the soldier, who returns home a changed woman.

Treasure Island (2012)

I nominated this, so super brownie points to you if you’re writing it.

I was really taken with this adaption. It’s a lot darker than most adaptions, but not in a grimdark way, just in a “if this story actually happened, here is logistically what it might have turned out as.” I especially loved that Silver’s wife was given screentime, a subplot, and finally a NAME, Alibe! Her relationship with Meg Hawkins (again, given a name!) was my favorite thing about this miniseries/movie. Long John Silver himself was, as always, fantastic, and I adored his portrayal by Eddie Izzard. His interactions with Jim were perfect, just the right mix of poignant and heartwarming and scary.

There’s a lot to work with here, depending on what you like to write. Here’s some ideas (again, you don’t need to take these if you don’t like them, just some potential starting off points) :

1) Years later when Jim is a man grown, he stumbles into the Silvers’ tavern. Gen or slash or OT3, whatever takes your fancy.

2) Alibe comforting Meg after a long night at work, Meg experiences intimacy she hasn’t felt in years.

3) Silver and Alibe have to flee London for whatever reason, end up at the new Admiral Benbow. What’s the conversation between Jim and Meg like, about letting them in or not?

4) Character study of Alibe, her perspective on her life and loves.

5) Silver, Alibe, Meg, and Jim end up as a bizarre family for some reason. How does that work out?

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger

This SHOW. Angsty adorkable space pirates living together and grudgingly learning lessons about friendship and ultimately saving the world. I just … this show. It is wonderful.
I ship them all with each other. I really do. Pick a combo. Pick a three-person combo. Pick the whole team. I ship it. Adorkable space pirates with angsty backstories. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH.

I haven’t seen the movie crossovers yet, so just stick to the show unless you’ve got a plotbunny you’ve been wanting to explore from the movies. It’s easy enough to find them; I can catch up.

There’s a lot to work with here, depending on what you like to write. Here’s some ideas (again, you don’t need to take these if you don’t like them, just some potential starting off points) :

1) Entire team cuddlepile after a mission.

2) SMUT PROMPT: Pre-show, Marvelous/Joe/Luka. Marvelous and Luka ganging up on Joe because he needs comfort and doesn’t know how to ask for it. Joe appreciates it even though he has trouble telling them so.

3) Exploration of the backstory of any of the characters. I love them all so much, I do not care who you pick, or if you pick all of them, or whatever you fancy.

4) Luka/Ahim, 5 times they kissed.

5) SMUT PROMPT: Marvelous/Ahim, he treats her like a Queen, not a princess. (Femdom.)

6) SMUT PROMPT: Luka/Joe, arguing turns to sexual frustration turns to sex.

7) Post-show, their first Christmas in space.

8) Everyone on the team is hooking up with each other at various points.


I love this movie. So much. So very much. I love the characters and the story and Roxanne and Megamind and Metro Man and just … everything. It’s funny and cute and clever and perfect. I love how Roxanne is capable and smart and not a helpless prop. I love how Megamind is so showy and not even malicious, just aware of the genre conventions he has to adhere to. I love Metro Man’s … everything about him.

There’s a lot to work with here, depending on what you like to write. Here’s some ideas (again, you don’t need to take these if you don’t like them, just some potential starting off points) :

1) Roxie and Megamind trying to figure out how to have sex for the first time. I would prefer if Megamind has alien biology, not just human bits colored blue. You can be vague about it or go full-on xenokink, I am fine regardless. The relationship discussion and mutual respect between Roxie and Megamind is what’s most important.

2) Megamind wrestling with the fact that he loves Roxie and loves being with her, but still has feelings for Metro Man that were never those of merely platonic-nemeses. He takes inspiration from Metro Man and goes to the library, where he finds books about polyamory, so he can talk to Roxie about potentially changing their relationship.

3) Roxie trying to explain Christmas to Megamind. He tries to understand; eventually they end up with a very Megamind Christmas. It all works out.

The Borgias

You are NOT obligated to write ALL of the characters I've requested, any combinations of these three are fine with me!

I loved this show more than The Tudors, and I liked The Tudors a lot!

Why do I love it? The fantastic cast, the gorgeous costuming, the multilayered and capable female characters, the history, the politics, the corrupt Catholic sex scenes dredging up my genetic Catholic guilt … I just plain love this show.

I particularly love how they handled Lucrezia, how she grows from a naïve sweet girl to a cunning and frightening political force who gets what she wants and who she wants.

And I have a soft spot for Cesare/Micheletto. Their relationship pings like, every kink I have and then some.

There’s a lot to work with here, depending on what you like to write. Here’s some ideas (again, you don’t need to take these if you don’t like them, just some potential starting off points) :

1) Cesare finds out exactly how deep Micheletto’s devotion runs, after another whipping session reveals that Micheletto enjoys pain when it’s Cesare inflicting it.

2) Cesare teaches Lucrezia how to handle a knife. As serious or sexy as you like.

3) Micheletto protects Lucrezia through a siege, Cesare breaks the siege and arrives, and embraces them both. What happens next?

4) Lucrezia nursing Micheletto back to health after he sustains very serious injuries after defending Cesare from an assassination attempt.

5) Lucrezia wants to watch Cesare and Micheletto. Does this stay a fantasy for her, or does she get her wish?


So ... yeah. Kind of a mixed bag. I think I gave enough information, so long as you avoid the stuff on my squicks-list I will be happy. Please don’t agonize about covering one of my prompts if you’re just not feeling it. Honestly, someone writing for any of these fandoms will make me very happy. I worked hard on my list, all of these came out of a list of over 30 fandoms I felt very strongly about, so I am serious here, these are my top choices and I will be happy with anything.

Hope I've kept it open enough that you find something you're comfortable with and are excited to tackle.

Happy writing!




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