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Title: Lost in Translation 2
Word Count: 840
Rating: PG-13 for cursing and sexual content
Characters, Pairings: Linkara/Donnie, cybermats
Warnings: None that I can think of.
Summary: Donnie meets an internet celebrity at a convention after tripping over a robot.
A/N: For this kink meme prompt. Donnie and Linkara, meeting and being adorable because yes.

Donnie is wandering another convention. Uncle Yo isn’t at this one, or EgoRaptor. Donnie feels lost and confused, surrounded by people who understand references and in-jokes he missed out on as a kid, and can’t possibly catch up on now. There’s just too much of it.

He ends up lost in booths of merchandise, hungry and tired and wishing Uncle Yo was around.

Then Donnie trips over something and lands on his face on the floor.

“Great,” he shakes his head and gets up, in time to see a little silver thing whirring away.

Donnie gives chase, because why not seek revenge on the little silver snake or whatever the fuck just tripped him up. It leads him to a booth with one man behind it, wearing a nice hat and repairing another little silver thing.

“Hey!” Donnie storms up to the booth and slams his fist on the table. “Your little robot tried to kill me!”

“What?” the guy in the hat stares at him in confusion.

“Your little robot! It tried to kill me!” Donnie feels some of his anger deflate slightly. This guy doesn’t look like some troublemaking asshole, he just looks like a friendly dude selling merch at a con. Another content geek, at home at a convention among his people. Donnie’s never felt that connection. He’s always felt a bit like a child on the outside of a house, looking in through the windows at the happy family inside.

“Nevermind,” Donnie grumbles, and turns to leave the happy geek in peace. No sense in ruining someone else’s fun.

“Hey, whoa, slow down!” the guy in the hat gets up and circles around the table, catching up to Donnie. “I’m sorry, they kind of run off on their own sometimes. I keep telling them to watch people’s feet but they’re not used to such a big place. They trip you up?”

Donnie sighs. “Yeah.”

“I’m sorry. Um … can I buy you a sandwich or something?”

Donnie stares at the guy, searching for an ulterior motive. He doesn’t see a creeper, all he sees is a polite guy trying to apologize to a stranger.

“… sure.”


His name is Linkara. He has an internet show where he reviews comic books and Power Rangers. Donnie remembers something of Power Rangers, he got to watch it a lot. It’d keep him quiet while the babysitter did lines of coke in the bathroom and his mom was out doing movie shoots.

Linkara is very interested in what they’re doing at Demo Reel, he says it sounds like something he and his friends do sometimes. Yearly, a dozen or so of them get together and make a movie. He’s not sure they’ll do a big one again, after the last one kind of burnt everyone out, but he thinks there’ll be mini-movies in the future.

They go to a few panels together, Linkara getting mobbed by fans a few times in the halls, including quite a lot of squealing, blushing fangirls. Donnie feels a pang of jealousy that festers for a while, thinking about his own low viewcounts and wishing he could have just a fraction of Linkara’s fame and fanbase.

Linkara seems to notice his discomfort and pats him on the shoulder. “I’ve been doing this for five years now. I have a video out every week, unless something unexpected comes up. That’s how you build your fanbase, being reliable, and noticed, and teaming up in crossovers.”

Donnie nods. “Yeah, the Colbert Bump, right?”

“You like tvtropes too?” Linkara asked, grinning.

Donnie shrugs. “Spent a couple hours lost there. Learning a lot about … you people.”

“You spend enough time on tvtropes, you’re one of us,” Linkara smirks.

“Maybe,” Donnie shrugs.

They go to a panel at some ungodly hour of the night, and Donnie ends up falling asleep during a screening. He wakes up with his head on Linkara’s shoulder, slumped and leaning against Linkara, and the crowd around them cheering at the screen as something implausible and cheesy happens to the actors.

Donnie pretends to still be asleep, and Linkara doesn’t nudge him “awake” until the end of the film.

They get drinks at the hotel bar, and Donnie slides his hand up Linkra’s thigh, holds his breath as he watches Linkara’s face. He’s certain he’s made a mistake, read the signals wrong, and he’s about to get rejected again, or maybe even punched, but Linkara smiles softly and leans forward, kissing him gently. He’s not like Uncle Yo, not quite like EgoRaptor, but it’s a similar feeling.

They go up to Linkara’s room, another bland but comfortable arrangement of identical beds and awkward furniture that ends up covered in soda bottles and spare change by the end of the weekend. Donnie sees a collection of cosplays hanging up in the closet when he puts his jacket and hat in there, and wants to ask what they’re from. Then Linkara is behind him, nuzzling his neck, and Donnie decides that his questions can wait until morning.


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Jan. 11th, 2014 08:45 pm (UTC)
Aw Donnie, you tragic cutie. This was adorable, and just makes me pine for that planned season where Lewis was going to star.
Jan. 11th, 2014 10:16 pm (UTC)
Awww, I love it, and I feel bad for giggling when the cute little cybermats are scurrying under people's feet and being troublemakers, I shouldn't but if one of them didn't then Donnie wouldn't have found Linkara in the first place.

Good story :)
Jan. 12th, 2014 01:46 am (UTC)
Aww, yay, this fic is lovely. :) You got Donnie done well and happy fic with him at all is a blessing. Great work!
Jan. 13th, 2014 12:55 am (UTC)
This fic reeks of adorableness ! I smiled as I was reading it. I wanted to hug Donnie so bad and the romance between the two is really cute.
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