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Road Trip!

About to leave on another cross-country road trip! So excited! Been waiting for this ever since I got back from the last one in December.
I'll post pictures when I can. Internet usage will be sporadic for the next week or so.

So, about two weeks ago, I didn’t watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones. I was in LA, sleeping on a friend’s air mattress, trying to find a place to live. I watched some other tv, wrote some fanfics, and worried and stressed about apartments and paperwork. I read books on the plane. And I thought “I can catch up on this episode later.”

Then this past Sunday there was certainly no time. I was graduating college Monday, there was a ton to prepare, things to pack, people to meet and greet. So I didn’t watch that night.

And then Monday morning I heard people angrily talking about the episode. About Sansa getting raped. And I just thought “... no.”

And I’ve read the articles and seen people on my friends list on Facebook discussing it, and it’s just been ... vile. A man I considered a friend turned out to be a pretty disgusting human being, spewed ignorance, and then shut down a discussion thread and blocked me and some other women from his facebook page. Because we were outraged over the sexual violence on Game of Thrones.

Sansa is one of my favorite characters, but even if she weren’t I’d still be angry about this. I am sick of this. I am sick of women on the show being treated like objects there for shock-value, to be used and abused for entertainment. I’m particularly disturbed that this time it’s an actress who was so recently a minor, and that as soon as she turned 18 they decided to throw her into a scene like that. Are they looking at Maisie Williams with that excited, anticipatory eye now? Kerry Ingram? Are they counting the days until they can strip these girls onscreen?

Even if Sansa turns into a 1970s-style exploitation heroine and kills all the Boltons with her bare hands it won’t be enough. There’s going to be more rape first, because on this show, there’s always time for rape.
There’s no time for Arianne Martell and her plotline, but there’s time for rape.
There’s no time for Jaime’s trip through the Riverlands, but there’s time for rape.
There’s no time for Melisandre to be anything but a cartoonish “evil sexy lady in red” stereotype who cackles about Davos’ sons dying and strips at the drop of a hat, but there’s time for rape.
There’s no time for Wildling culture and history and Val, but there’s time for rape.
There’s no time for Lady Stoneheart and her plot, but there’s time for rape.

Sansa is going to be raped again. Many female characters on the show will be brutalized, tortured, stripped, for an anticipated leering male audience. It sickens me to think what they’ll do for Cersei’s Walk of Shame but I bet the camera will be about three inches from Lena Headey’s boobs the entire time.

I do not want to watch that. I do not need to watch that.

And so, I will not watch that.

I might watch the Team Dragonstone scenes as clips, but even that makes me worried because the plot and Sansa’s are gonna intersect, I just know it. And I’m worried the show is gonna burn Shireen or something equally nasty to her. So I don’t know if I can even manage to watch my favorite characters.

I still count myself as a fan of the books. They have their problems, particularly their racist moments, but I am willing to take the books, and the book fandom, over the show and the show fandom. I have found people willing to discuss the problems in the books, and share fanfics with, and squee about characters with, and I hate that it took the HBO show to get me into the books. That’s not the sort of person I usually am, usually I start with the books and THEN go to the show or movie. I hate that HBO robbed me of forming my own images of some of the characters and situations.

To those still watching the show, I wish you well. But I cannot watch anymore.

Podcast Recommendations


This one’s a doozy, gonna be very long, VERY long days driving. My mommy is going with me this time, we’re going from New England to Yellowstone, down to the Grand Canyon, and then quickly through the Vegas strip just to see it, and then to LA, which will be my new home. (Those are places I missed on my last trip out, because I didn’t have the time.) We’re going to be driving VERY LONG DAYS and switching off.

So, I need podcast recommendations again! But this time, stuff that my mom will also like, not just me.

So far I’ve got Stuff You Missed In History Class and Rex Factor and The Thrilling Adventure Hour lined up. But I’ll need more.

Some information about my mom’s tastes:

  • NPR

  • History of all sorts

  • Cooking (specifically baking)

  • Word-based humor

Things to avoid:

  • Gore/gross out stuff

  • Horror

  • Sci Fi/Fantasy

It’s gonna be tricky but any recommendations would be much appreciated.


So I’m gonna tell ya’ll about my friend

Her name is teenybuffalo and she is wonderful. I’m moving cross country away from her because I’m graduating and I’m crying now so I wanna ramble.

Posted to my tumblr because there are photos I don't wanna upload again to a different social network site.

~linky link~

What aunt_zelda Thinks: Mad Max Fury Road

x-posted to my tumblr

How the hell did they do that.


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Internet Access

My access to the internet will be sporadic these next few days. I’m fine, I’m crashing with a friend who has no internet while I apartment hunt cross country. She does live near a library though, I will sneak in there and leech the WiFi if possible.

What aunt_zelda Thinks: Age of Ultron

X-posted to my tumblr

I have very mixed feelings.

There were some parts that I liked, even loved. Chunks of goodness.

And then there were parts that ... infuriated me. Angered me.

Before we begin with my lists, I’d like to note that I ship everything and at one point when Tony and Steve started fighting I yelled “don’t fight mom and dad!” so that was fun.

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X-Posted to my tumblr


I keep repeating that to myself.

I have yet to make sense of this mess.

Except for a few good scenes and some scattered dialogue this episode was a trainwreck.

In some cases, I am angry. In some cases, I lack the energy to be angry anymore and I’m just sad and disappointed. Why am I even surprised anymore when they take my favs and turn them into porno cliches or “angry WoC” stereotypes? Why am I even surprised anymore when they beat naked prostitutes? Why am I even surprised anymore when they kill off characters for shock value in lieu of actually compelling writing?

This might very well be the season that makes me quit the show. Last season nearly did it, I don’t know why I stayed. I must have stayed for a reason. There had to be a reason I decided to keep pushing myself through this. There has to be a reason for me to keep watching.

Someone, please, help me remember.

Below are my thoughts typed as I watched:

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What aunt_zelda Thinks: The Guest

Finally saw The Guest. I’d been putting it off for some time, saving it for “the right time” or something. Saw it today with teenybuffalo and our friend.


I just ... it was so well crafted. So beautiful. Such a beautiful, perfectly crafted film. I loved it so much. I enjoyed it so much. I screamed in shock and fear, cheered, laughed, and got really freaking unsettled and terrified at many points (but not in a way that I couldn’t handle.) It was so good.

The cast was excellent. The sets were gorgeous. The lighting was beautiful. The cinematography was FANTASTIC. The soundtrack ... the soundtrack ... I haven’t felt this strong of a desire to buy a soundtrack since Only Lovers Left Alive.

I’d heard it was a good horror movie. But I didn’t know it was also going to be a good movie in general. I don’t mean to deride horror movies, what I mean is that sometimes when people say “good horror movie” they mean in comparison to other horror movies currently being released, “good” in the sense that it’s an original idea or twist on an old idea, but the movie might have a clumsy cast or cheap sets or standard camera set-ups. The Guest has none of those issues. The Guest might very well jump onto my list of top favorite movies EVER. All the elements were excellent. It wasn’t just a creative concept, it was filmed well and acted well and nothing was skimped on for the sake of shock gore or one big effect.

I’m just so HAPPY.

Crossposted to my tumblr because why not

SPOILERS for all the books and all the show episodes up to this one.

Really good scene transitions in this episode. And great conversations. And character development.

I mean I love the Boltons but all I’m feeling is FEAR about what they’re gonna do now that the plotlines have gone off the rails. I don’t know where we are. I don’t know who’s safe. And not in a good “ooo, can’t wait for next week!” kind of a way. In a “should I even still be watching this show?” kind of a way.

The “previously on” section is full of weird stuff, like reminding us about way back when Renly was killed and also when Jorah was banished. Oh dear.

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