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I was gonna work an 8.5 hour shift dressed as Kevin from Welcome to Night Vale.

Instead I spent the night coughing, stressed, unable to sleep. Finally my roommates convinced me to call in sick. I did. I’m nervous about whether I’ll get in trouble for this, calling out of an 8.5 hour shift on a holiday on a Saturday. But I couldn’t have done it, and I would have gotten little kids sick from coughing on their groceries, so I made the right decision.

Gonna spend the day in bed, resting up, and working on my freelance job (which pays more than my other job anyways.) And thankfully I have three days in a row off of work, so hopefully I’ll get through the worst of this cold/cough thing by then.

Dear Yuletide Writer: 2015

Hello stranger! Happy Yuletide!

Let’s start things off …

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Demo Reel Experiment Theater - a RBB fic

Title: Demo Reel Experiment Theater
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 5,655
Characters: Tacoma, Rebecca, Donnie DuPre, Karl, Quinn, Tamara, background characters, two surprise cameos
Pairings: Tacoma/Donnie, Tacoma/Donnie/Rebecca, implied Donnie/others
Warnings: Social drinking, references to using sex as a coping mechanism, Donnie’s terrible relationship with his wife,
Summary: What if Demo Reel was an experimental theater instead of a film company? Tacoma, fresh from disgrace on Broadway after getting his father arrested, flies to Chicago on the chance of a job and ends up among a very strange group of people.
Prompt: Basically Demo Reel but about experimental theatre (but also add Tamara as part of the cast too.) Pairings not required at all, but can be included (queerplatonic, polyamory, however they end up happiest in the story.)

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A Walk In the Rain - RBB fic

Title: A Walk In the Rain
Author: aunt_zelda
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3,176
Pairing: Joanna/Jaeris
Warnings: panic attack, PTSD, acclimation back into home life, social drinking, alcohol.
Summary: Jaeris and Joanna return home and Jaeris acclimates slowly but surely with the help of Joanna.

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2 Days of Whittling Down the Yuletide List

I go like, all out for this, people. I have lists. I organize those lists. And then I start pitting fandoms against each other and striking things out. I have spent 2 days turning pages and pages of potential fandoms into a more manageable list.

Currently I have:

14 requests (needs to be narrowed down to 6)
36 offers (needs to be narrowed down to 10, possibly a few more depending on bucket lists)

This does not include the shows I am poised to start watching and the books I am about to start reading before sign-ups.

Edit: oh wait, I have 6 things already slotted into Offer slots, so that means I have 36 things I need to narrow down for the remaining 4 slots, unless I’m doing Bucket Offers.


  • My job

  • My relationship

  • My friendships

  • My housing arrangements

  • My fanfic obligations and by extension my close fandom friendships of many years

And I have an 8.5 hour shift tomorrow at work.

Once I get home tomorrow night I’m gonna watch Man from UNCLE and turn off all social media. There might be whiskey involved. There will certainly be ice cream involved. I will be ok, but right now I am not ok.

Yuletide: squeeeeee

All my noms were accepted and approved!

For a while just one of them had been accepted. Checked again today, all have blue checkmarks next to them. Even the one I feared might be contested and up for debate. Woohoo!

The Guest (2014), Siberia (TV), and Treasure Island (2012)

I’m so happy.



So, here’s my nominations all set. Took some time to whittle down from my list of 26:

Treasure Island (2012)

Alibe Silver

Meg Hawkins

Long John Silver

Jim Hawkins


Sabina (Siberia)

Irene (Siberia)

Daniel (Siberia)

Sam (Siberia)

The Guest (2014)

David Collins 

Anna Peterson

Luke Peterson

If Treasure Island isn’t eligible I’ll be nominating Would You Rather and the characters: Iris, Shepard Lambrick
, Julian Lambrick
, and Amy.

Keeping an eye out to see if others nominate: Would You Rather, Wander Over Yonder, The Cape (TV), Mystery Men, Wristcutters: A Lovestory, Life (TV), Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant, Wolf 359, Johannes Cabal (series), Banshee, Yonderland, Too Many Cooks, Matty Groves (ballad), Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Love it When You Call (music video), Kingdom of Heaven, Dead Hooker In A Trunk, Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, and The Thrilling Adventure Hour.


Yuletide whyyyyyy

I have three spots to fill.

I’ve decided on two of them.

Now I have three things fighting for that final spot.

And I have a giant list of things to watch and 1) see if other people nominate them and if not 2) beg people to nominate them.

Auuuuuughhhhhhhh. *agonizes*



So I’ve only had two boyfriends thus far, and a ton of crushes on people. For both boyfriends, it was the same pattern: I hung out with the guy for a while, everyone else thought we were secretly dating but neglected to tell me about that, and once the guy and I officially started dating people were surprised we hadn’t been dating already.

So like, why my friends have thought I am the sort of person who secretly dates someone is beyond me, but whatever.

Now I’m worried about how to combat this in the future. Like, should I just be paranoid about everyone I’m friends with, because if I hang out with them long enough people will assume we’re dating, and eventually we will be dating? How can I tell? Auuuugh.



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